The Ptil Tekhelet Marine Tour



Join us for a “Once in 70 Years” Experience



Join us for the ultimate family experience

– combining Torah and fun for all ages.


Experience Jewish history, biology, chemistry, halacha.


Get your feet (and body) wet snorkeling for

the coveted hillazon in its local habitat.


Discover how to dye wool from the hillazon

as it was done in ancient times.


The tour was a highlight of our trip, and it was perfect for every member of our family - from my wife and me, our teens, right down to the 5 year old.
Thanks again.
- D.K.


Thank you so much for the fascinating tour yesterday. We all (aged 3-33) had a great time - there was something for everyone.  It is always great to be part of a tiyul in Israel that combines the beauty of the land with the Torah, and this even incorporated some science too. Thank you and I have already recommended it to friends. 

- S.H.


Thank you very much for the tour. It was both educational & fun for myself, my wife, & my 3 kids (ages 4-12).

- J.U.


My teenage daughter is very keen to do your tour - at least two of her friends reported it the best activity they did while in Israel.

- M.L.


We did the Tekhelet activity at Hof Dor this morning.  Very interesting, all ages were engaged.  Kol HaKavod

- J.R.


Your tour at Dor was wonderful. 
- H.R.


I just wanted you to know that my husband and I have not stopped talking about the tour since we did it.  It was so interesting and informative and made me feel all over again the wonder and amazement of living in Israel where everything happens and is meant to happen - we will definitely recommend - Thanks Again,



Thanks - It was a wonderful adventure for the whole family and we'll be sure to recommend it!



My son and I both loved it, especially how you brought together all the Talmudic sources to prove the points.  And snorkeling was a thrill. 

Thank you for your wonderful work on bringing an old mitzvah back to life!



We enjoyed the tiyul VERY much and look forward to sharing it with friends!



We came to your tour on Chol HaMoed Sukkot this past year with two grandsons and enjoyed it tremendously.




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